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 Life and Accountability Coaching

Let's freaking do this thing!!


I can tell you are ready to invest in yourself. And I can't wait to be your coach!

When you work with me we are focusing on YOU and your personal transformation. This is about your growth, so you are in the driver's seat. I get the honor of being a mirror reflecting back to you your greatness and strength. (Lucky me, right?!)

What do you want for your life? What is causing you pain right now? How do you want to show up in the world? How are you holding yourself back? THESE are the questions that help us get to the root of what we will work on in our coaching together.

What to Expect...

During our 60-minute weekly video call, we get to take a deep dive into where you are going. We get clear on what goals you are trying to achieve and what positive shifts you are making in your life.


We then brainstorm together and come up with solutions you can implement right away! And throughout the process, your brain might serve you some "I can't do this" thoughts or you might feel anxious or scared to make new changes.


That's totally normal!


We will work through that together to help you understand where your thoughts and feelings are rooted and how we can train your brain to look for evidence that what you desire is possible.

Once we come up with some action steps each week, we troubleshoot any barriers that might get in your way. This again can be thoughts, fears, schedule, etc.


Once you feel good about the get busy implementing it...and I get to check in with you on how you are doing throughout the week. This can be through the communication method of your choice.

But one thing I know for sure and prioritize for all of my clients...making sure you are taking care of yourself. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your goals is to REST and make sure you are carving out time for the things you love. It makes all the difference, and that truly is my favorite thing to hold you accountable to.

Wanna get started?!



What People Are Saying...






New York, CEO of Rvrb

Before working with Angie I was procrastinating a lot. Now I have a set of tools I can use to better plan my weeks, stay on task, and approach situations that I find daunting. This experience has helped me to gain a better understanding of myself and how I think about things. When I’m in my own head it’s like an echo chamber but bouncing my thoughts off Angie made me realize that situations might not be as they appear to me at first. It’s really helped me have a mindset change and approach meetings and tough conversations with a mindset of abundance. The result is I have become a better and more confident leader and can connect more with my co-founders and teammates. During our coaching calls, I liked that it was me driving the conversation and putting forth ideas and working together with Angie to find what works with my style.



Wellington, New Zealand

I needed someone to help me sort through and brainstorm and accomplish a big collection of tiny and large personal goals. Sort of a personal projects manager.


Angie has been brilliant at this. She is very professional and well organised. She's full of good ideas but listens to what's most important to me and helps me figure out how best to make it come true--and then immediately on to the next item on the list so the progress continues. And she stays in touch with an encouraging word or a reminder at just the right time.


I'm getting things done that have been hanging over me for way too long and my days are more productive and relaxed than ever. I've got her to thank for that and I'm looking forward to more and more of this.



Wellington, New Zealand

I'm an entrepreneur, a side hustler, a keen DIY'er and a solo mother... this means I often have many, many balls in the air at once. Angie has really helped me get clear on what mix is most important each week, set achievable intentions and stick to them, whilst still taking good care of myself. I love how she checks in on me between our sessions, in a way that is totally 'cheerleader' rather than 'bootcamp'. It's exactly the sort of accountability that I've needed and I highly recommend her service - she is an awesome accountabilibuddy!

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