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Staying stuck...

I used to feel completely stuck in my career. I knew I wasn't fulfilled. I knew I had more to offer. the work culture of the organization was toxic. but yet... I had no idea where to turn. Slowly my confidence had been stripped and I just felt...100% stuck. So, I had to start looking for evidence. I had to start looking for evidence of people not stuck. People paving a new way for themselves. And most importantly, I had to start looking for evidence that I'm actually NOT incapable of paving my own way and making an impact on the world.


It's impractical to be miserable...

While I desperately wanted changes in my life... I thought that making them would be so impractical. My job provided stability, insurance, allowing me to make a budget. But...I was miserable. So I started asking myself... how is it actually true that being miserable is not practical at all? I realized I didn't bring joy home to my family at the end of the day. My natural zest for life was fading, and I didn't feel like I knew myself anymore. How is THAT practical? It ISN'T! I had to find a way to step away from it because the risk of staying far outweighed the "risk" of leaving. I would figure it out. So I did!

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I'm the Life Coach who cares just as much about you meeting your goals as I do about you taking care of yourself. In fact, I believe they go hand in hand.

I have been on and continue to be on my own personal growth journey over the past few years, and now I get to help my clients make all kinds of positive shifts in their life. 

I believe and want you to know:

  • You don't have to stay stuck

  • You can do things YOUR way

  • Staying unhappy is totally IMPRACTICAL

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Doing it your own way...

Not only was change possible, but I get to do it my own way?! This is still sinking in. Every day I get to remind myself that I get to define my way in business and also in my everyday life. I get to define my priorities, I get to set boundaries to protect those priorities, and I am in control of my life. Do you realize how magical that is... I mean truly... magical! And the options are limitless. 

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Now I get to help my clients...

  • Train their brain to look for evidence their desires are possible.

  • Start stepping into their power and do things their own way by breaking societal norms and taking back control of their days

  • Recognize where they are unhappy in their life and have the confidence to start running the opposite directions as fast as possible

Sound like what you need?

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