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Sleeping in Green Sheets

Rest. Assured.

A 4-week 1:1 coaching program to help you destress and ACTUALLY sleep 

Your lack of sleep is taking a toll on every aspect of your life.

It negatively affects your motivation, your work, and every single relationship in your life...INCLUDING the most important relationship...the one with yourself.


When you want to lie down and sleep, your mind is running at hyper speed.


You're laying there wide awake and your internal dialogue might go something like this...

"I wonder if my child is ready for their math exam tomorrow, I probably should have helped them study more after dinner...Why did my boss ask if he could speak with me tomorrow, am I getting fired?!...I can't BELIEVE that girl from high school completely ignored me when I ran into her at the museum, aren't we past the high school drama?!...Oh shit, I better stop thinking about all this or I'm never going to sleep and I'll be EVEN MORE exhausted than I already am...aaaahh but I can't stop it!...omg I forgot to text that lady back who asked me for a recommendation for piano lessons...shut up brain!!...what's wrong with me?!"

Long story short, nothing's wrong with you! You're a caring human being with a lot on your plate. And you need help shutting out the noise in your brain so you can truly rest.

Imagine laying down to go to sleep with an arsenal of tools you can use to relax your body and mind and drift naturally to sleep.

Imagine how it will feel when you KNOW you'll be able to sleep when it's time for bed.

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling energized and refreshed. So energized that now you are able to proactively live your life, instead of always trying to play catch up.

Enough is enough...let's get you SLEEPING my friend!!

Read below to see the format of this four week coaching program!

Week 1

During our first coaching call we will focus on how you can start to reduce your stress during the day.

We will also discuss specific areas of your life that tend to run through your mind as you're trying to fall asleep at night and do some coaching to kick them to the curb.

You will leave this first session with tools you will implement RIGHT AWAY to lower anxiety.


Week 2

You ready to learn 4 kickass tools to play around with while you're laying in bed unable to sleep?!

I'll teach you the 4 tools and we will use the rest of the hour to dive into more coaching around what causes you stress.

P.S. I didn't know what little picture to use to symbolize this week so I thought a cute avocado would do just fine!

week 3

This week we will review see how you did with the 4 tools I taught you in week three.

Then, we'll dive into another sleep tool to help seal the sleeping deal!!

Any time left over will be used to again, coach around what's causing you stress in your life. 

Week 4

During our final coaching call of Rest. Assured. we will see how things are going with all the tools, and where we can review and adjust IF you aren't quite yet sleeping like a baby!!

If all is going well in the sleep department, we will again coach around anything you want that is causing you some stress in your life. 

The more you reduce that stress throughout your days, the easier sleep will follow!!

Adorable sarah.jpeg



Last night I was out late with my sister, didn’t get home until 12:30 and I went straight to bed. I was freezing and not warming up. My furnace died…again. In all of that stress, overwhelm, panic…At one point I thought, well there goes sleep for the night. I’m gonna be up all night because of this! 

Then I used just ONE of the tools Angie taught me and fell asleep! This shit works!


If you're not only ready to get your SLEEP on, but also make major shifts in lowering your stress...


Email me below to purchase this four week coaching package.

The investment is $500

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