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What You Can Expect From Me

Support That Makes a Difference

Did you know that you are 95% more likely to accomplish a goal when you are held accountable?! NINETY-FIVE PERCENT! Accountability is the absolute key to help you thrive while working remotely.

Working from home can be amazing, but it can also come with a LOT of distractions! Often you don't know what to do first or what to prioritize and it can feel extremely overwhelming. Maybe your job allows you to be flexible with when you work, but you find at the end of the day you didn't get your hours in or your work completed. 

If you can relate, don't worry! I have worked with people in your exact shoes and we can get this sorted out! We will work on getting clear on how you spend your time, defining what obstacles get in your way, and help you start managing your time in a way that feels natural and productive!


I'm so excited to open up the doors to a limited time BETA version of Group Accountability for Remote Workers! See details below...


Duration: 1 month   Cost: $27


  • A weekly group video check-in call with me and your other buddies. We will share our wins and struggles for the week.

  • Time Tracking Sheet to set intentions for how you will spend your time and track what you ACTUALLY do throughout the day

  • support from like-minded peers. We are here for you to brainstorm solutions and will make SURE you do what you say you are going to do.

  • Group messaging for added accountability throughout the week.

  • New friends! I truly hope you build lasting friendships through this program that you can carry on through life!

life on your terms.jpg

I didn't want a life coach, I didn't want a therapist or a virtual assistant. I needed someone to help me sort through and brainstorm and accomplish a big collection of tiny and large personal goals. Sort of a personal projects manager.


Angie has been brilliant at this. She is very professional and well organised. She's full of good ideas but listens to what's most important to me and helps me figure out how best to make it come true--and then immediately on to the next item on the list so the progress continues. And she stays in touch with an encouraging word or a reminder at just the right time.


I'm getting things done that have been hanging over me for way too long and my days are more productive and relaxed than ever. I've got her to thank for that and I'm looking forward to more and more of this.

Reed Wade  --  Wellington, New Zealand


Just imagine how you will feel once you have some outside support and get settled into a system that works for you while working from home.


As a result of this program you can:

  • Have more productive days that are more relaxed than ever

  • Gain confidence and hold your head higher

  • Smile more (which will impact the world around you. That smile is contagious!)

  • Be proud of yourself and have more pep in your step

  • Dare I say it...sleep better at night!?

  • Have more energy to keep going and tackle your next challenge

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