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Knock-It-Out Productivity Session

A FREE 2-hour session where we come together as a group, set our intention, have fun, and get busy!

Join the mailing list and I will keep you posted when they happen! Typically on Sundays.

Whether you have a to-do list you can never seem to get through, housework that you have been putting off, or a project that you never set aside time to work on, join me for a FREE 2-hour virtual coworking session to KNOCK. IT. OUT! 

How does this work, exactly?!
  • You set aside two uninterrupted hours of focus-time to work on ANYTHING you need to get done.
  • We meet on zoom (camera is of course optional)
  • We each type what we will be working on in the chatbox and then simply, GET BUSY!
  • I will be available to jump into a breakout room to provide support, encouragement, and brainstorm anything you need.
  • at the 1 hour mark, we have an OPTIONAL dorky dance break. Well, optional for you...I'll definitely be dancing!
  • At the end of the session, we share our wins and what we accomplished!!
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