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Accountabilibuddy For Hire

Welcome!  Let's be friends and get things done!!

Need a friend to hold you accountable? Need outside perspective on your life and goals?  Accountabilibuddy For Hire wants to help! The type of goal you have doesn't matter -- it could be a career goal -- it could be a relationship goal -- it could be the goal of living a healthier more balanced life, etc.  We can get into the specifics of your goals during our time together, but the bottom line is... I'm here for YOU!!


So why would you pay someone to be your accountabilibuddy when you could just ask a friend or family member to hold you accountable?  Having a third-party support system in your life can make ALL the difference!  Just like with a therapist, hiring an accountability partner offers you an outside perspective with no emotional bias. We don't have a prior relationship, so you know you are getting honest and genuine feedback.  You can prioritize your goals, knowing if you take a misstep, it will not negatively impact our relationship! 


People ask me, does this REALLY work? It does!! And I have happy clients to back me up. Brainstorming with and telling someone your goals is the first step to turning them into a reality. I have seen time and time again my clients checking off tasks moments before our weekly face-to-face check in.  Hey, it doesn't matter WHEN you get it long as you are taking those steps in the right direction.  I am not here to judge you, I take a gentle and friendly approach with my clients.  AND WE GET STUFF DONE!

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