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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you accept payments?

I accept payment through PayPal.

During our first 30-minute phone conversation, we will discuss how you personally like to communicate and tailor our communication to your needs. I prefer our 30-minute check-in each week is via video call (I typically use zoom). 

How will we communicate?

Want to start taking control of your time and holding yourself accountable?!

Click here to get a FREE copy of my digital Time Tracker Accountability Sheet. You will plan out your week, and track how often you stay on track!

What is an accountabilibuddy?

To me, an accountabililbuddy is someone you can trust to give you open, honest, and unbiased feedback on your life and goals. Someone who reaches out, checks in, and encourages you to stop living small so you can finally achieve those big goals!

Can we meet in person?

For the time being my services are digitally based so in-person meetings won't be offered. Based on life's demands (for both of us), it is easiest to have the flexibility that communicating digitally brings. Plus, I like working with people from all over the world!

Why would I pay for an accountability partner when I can just ask a friend?

Having a third-party support system in your life can make ALL the difference!  Just like with a therapist, hiring an accountability partner offers you an outside perspective with no emotional bias. We don't have a prior relationship, so you know you are getting honest and genuine feedback.  You can prioritize your goals, knowing if you take a misstep, it will not negatively impact our relationship! 

Does this process really work?!

It does!! Brainstorming with and telling someone your goals is the first step to turning them into a reality. I have seen my clients checking off tasks moments before our weekly video check-in.  Hey, it doesn't matter WHEN you get it long as you are taking action and making progress. I am not here to judge you, I take a gentle and friendly approach with my clients.  AND WE GET STUFF DONE!

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