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You created an amazing program. Let's get your clients all. those. results!

While you focus on your area of genius (coaching and teaching) I help ensure each client is getting the absolute most out of your program!  

There are three major areas I focus on in supporting you with your program:

  • Helping your clients feel seen and taken care of by you

  • Building community in your program (when your students are well connected, they are going to help EACH OTHER get results)

  • Adding accountability


I can do this in a variety of ways that are all completely customizable for the size and needs of your program, but usually include a mixture of the following:

  • Access to Knock-it-Out Coworking Sessions

  • Community Building Challenges

  • Networking Power Hours 



All coordinated by me! Plus, I get you killer testimonials in the process!



By working with Angie, more people in the group actually completed their worksheets and writing assignments before class each week, which led to more engaging conversations, deeper level questions, and more learning. Accountability works. Angie is a dream to work with and she'll help make great things happen for you and your clients

So many people buy online coaching programs and never finish them or follow through to get the desired result


I know what it's like to feel lost in the shuffle of an online program. It feels like nobody TRULY cares if you are making progress, and it's so easy to let life's distractions derail you from progress.

But nope! Not in your program! Let's give your students love, let's give your students support, let's get your students RESULTS! We want them walking away from your course and telling EVERYONE they know to join!



$400 per month

What's Included:

  • Weekly Knock-it-Out Coworking Sessions

  • Testimonial Gathering

premium Package

$1,000 per month

What's Included:

  • Knock-It-Out Coworking Sessions

  • Facebook Group Management

  • Accountability Challenge Tracking

  • Accountability Partner Coordination

  • Testimonial Gathering



$2,500 per month

What's Included:

  • Knock-It-Out Coworking Sessions

  • Facebook Group Management

  • Accountability Challenge Tracking

  • Testimonial Gathering

  • Small Group Accountability

More detailed description of each Item below

Knock-It-Out coworking 

Once a week session for the students in your program to come together, set intention, and get to work! 

Optional Dorky Dance Break included in every session!!

Community Building challenges

Once a week check-in with groups of up to 5 members of your program at a time


  • Check-in on goals

  • Discussion of Wins for the week and what didn't go well?

  • Set intention for the next week 

  • Formulate Action Plan for Success

Facebook Group Management

Added support for your Facebook Group

  • Help students feel visible to you. (If I see students asking a lot of questions in your group, I'll make sure this rises to your attention so they feel seen and understood

  • Run accountability challenges in your group (meet this milestone for an added bonus or prize)

  • Be a positive member of your team for support and encouragement on posts

Testimonial gathering

Timid about asking for testimonials?! I can do that for you throughout your program. I can be your undercover testimonial Ninja. As your students start to say amazing things about the program, I hop in with a "tell me more!"

(and then get permission to use this as a testimonial--of course!)

As a result of my services, I guarantee that you will:

  • Have a higher course completion rate

  • Get even better results for your clients

  • Have more time to focus on content and building client relationships

  • Have more time to focus on YOU outside of your course

  • Get more positive testimonials -- resulting in even more clients in the future

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