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Walk Forward With Confidence

Take Consistent Action On Your Goals!!

Did you know that you are 95% more likely to accomplish a goal when you are held accountable?!


That's right...NINETY-FIVE FREAKING PERCENT! Accountability is the absolute key to help you finally stop living small and achieve the results you've been aiming at for so long!

Sometimes it's hard to ask the people who are closest to us for help. And especially hard to ask them to hold us accountable for kicking butt on our goals! Why? Well, if you slip up or don't 100% follow-through, it can get really awkward really fast!

It's frustrating when you struggle to meet the deadlines you have set for yourself. You ask yourself why you can't just follow through on this desire you have to make a change! Maybe you try to take action but you don't know what to do first or what to prioritize and it feels extremely overwhelming. That's okay -- it's totally normal.


Personal 1:1 Coaching

3 months


  • A weekly 50-minute video check-in coaching call with yours truly! We will set achievable intentions for the following week.

  • Personal support where together, you and I will take a deep dive into what has been holding you back and how we can overcome those barriers to move forward.

  • Spontaneous check-ins from me throughout the week based on your personal communication preferences. 

  • Methods for you to reach out and show me how you are working on your goal.

  • Resource support. I help you brainstorm the resources you need for your particular goal. We discuss options and come up with a plan to get you moving forward fast!


Nicola Rankin

Wellington, NZ

I'm an entrepreneur, a side hustler, a keen DIY'er and a solo mother... this means I often have many, many balls in the air at once. Angie has really helped me get clear on what mix is most important each week, set achievable intentions and stick to them, whilst still taking good care of myself. I love how she checks in on me between our sessions, in a way that is totally 'cheerleader' rather than 'bootcamp'. It's exactly the sort of accountability that I've needed and I highly recommend her service - she is an awesome accountabilibuddy!


LaTasha Webster

Chicago, IL

Angie listens to your ideas, embraces the vision you've set for your life and then she becomes your personal cheerleader, motivating you every step of the way! She will be that realistic voice and guidance as you make life-changing decisions. She won't leave you hanging but support you no matter what the outcome is.  I am honored and blessed to have her not only as my accountability partner but a dear friend!


Reed Wade

Wellington, NZ

I needed someone to help me sort through and brainstorm and accomplish a big collection of tiny and large personal goals. Sort of a personal projects manager.


Angie has been brilliant at this. She is very professional and well organised. She's full of good ideas but listens to what's most important to me and helps me figure out how best to make it come true--and then immediately on to the next item on the list so the progress continues. And she stays in touch with an encouraging word or a reminder at just the right time.


I'm getting things done that have been hanging over me for way too long and my days are more productive and relaxed than ever. I've got her to thank for that and I'm looking forward to more and more of this

Just imagine how you will feel after you get clarity and take consistent action on your goals...


I know you will:

  • Gain confidence and hold your head higher

  • Smile more (which will impact the world around you. That smile is contagious!)

  • Be proud of yourself and have more pep in your step

  • Dare I say it...sleep better at night!?

  • Have more energy to keep going and tackle your next challenge

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