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About Me

Why I Do This:

My entire life I have been passionate about people and helping them succeed.  I am naturally drawn to finding out what people want to do in life, and being their biggest cheerleader and support while they chase their goals and dreams.

I take pride in being a good, reliable, and genuine friend.  I work hard at staying connected to people and following up on what is important.  Resourcefulness is one of my biggest strengths, and I am not afraid to ask for help from others when I need it, and will encourage you to do the same. 

Read more about my background below...

My Background

Focusing on people and seeing them succeed led me to a career in the nonprofit sector.  I have worked in the nonprofit sector my entire career in various schools and mentoring organizations. I am successful and enjoy working with a wide range of people of many different ages and backgrounds.  I connect with others easily, and will do the same with you!

I am certified to debrief Myers Briggs assessments, and am a proud ENFJ!  I absolutely love discussing personality and how it can be both a benefit and a deterrent to our success.  

Work-life balance is huge, and one reason I am starting this business.  I want to meet clients where they are, when it's convenient for both of us, and encourage you to make the most out of every day.  What are you waiting on?!  Vamanos!

Fun Facts about me below...keep scrolling!


Random Facts About Angie

  • I studied abroad in Costa Rica (Pura Vida!!)  Hablo Espanol (mas o menos)

  • I am a wife and mother of two amazing little boys -- Want to vent about your kids?  I got you!

  • I have an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's Syndrome.  Pesky little antibodies attack the moisture-producing glands in my body...How dare they!

  • I grew up in the small town of Wabash, Indiana but have lived in Indianapolis for most of my adult life.

  • I float in a salt pool at least twice a week to recharge and my body and mind.

  • My favorite animal is a seahorse -- it's obvious, the men have the babies!!

  • If someone offers to take me out to dinner, I will choose Thai food 95% of the time.

  • I love to dance -- Grew up doing ballet, tap, and jazz.  I love latin dance, and also simply putting on music and dancing around the house like a complete fool.

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