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3 months to freedom

We'll get you unstuck

Enrolling now!!

Listen, I get it!!

There is so much you want to do in your life, and don't. Most likely it's a mix of not really knowing what you want, where to begin, and holding yourself back because of a fear of failure and what other people will think.


My 1:1 coaching program will help you remove the barriers to feeling free to show up authentically and take BOLD action toward your goals!

It will also help you enjoy your day-to-day life way more. So you know, no big deal!


Here's the thing!!!!

When you feel true freedom, you're gonna do the thing...whatever it is...

  • You'll make decisions from a place of power!!

  • You will feel like nothing can stop you. (Well, let me correct myself, you're a human being so you're still gonna have times when you feel down and defeated, but you will know how to deal with them and move through it much quicker).

  • You'll wear whatever you want.

  • You'll speak up about things that matter to you!

  • You won't feel like you're walking on eggshells around annnnnyone because you're just that damn comfortable with who you fucking are!

  • You will attract the RIGHT people into your life that appreciate all your quirks.

  • "Risks" will just be a part of the process and something you know you can handle.

  • People can share their negative opinions about you or what you're doing and you can just think "hmm, that stings...but I'm not gonna let it stop me".

  • You'll have a lot more sense of control on a day-to-day basis. 

True freedom in your life comes when you:

  • know yourself and your deepest desires and define FOR YOURSELF how you want to live. 

  • know how to tune into your body and your emotions.

  • stop focusing on what other people think about you.

  • truly trust yourself and are confident that YOU KNOW what's best for you.

  • let go of self-criticism.

  • stop trying to be so damn perfect all the time!

  • partner with your uniquely wired brain and your personal preferences.

  • are willing to state your needs, ask for help, and set appropriate boundaries.

  • can let relationships go that aren't serving you.

  • Stop looking for validation from OTHER people and start giving it to yourself!

  • aren't afraid to take up space and show the world who you truly are -- without shame!

We cover ALL this and more in my program!

What to Expect

Cost: $1,500 

Can be paid all at once or broken up into monthly payment plan

  • Ten 60-minute 1:1 coaching calls to be scheduled whenever you want over the 3 months. You can schedule them weekly at the same time or use more than one in a week. You choose!

  • Check-ins, quick support between calls throughout the entire 3 months (I LOVE when you share wins with me, but I'm also available for quick questions, and pep talks)

We will work on building the above skills (and more) a bit simultaneously throughout the coaching process, but with each coaching call, you are in the driver's seat! You get to come with an idea of what you want to work on, and if you don't have anything particular in mind, we will explore together to see what feels right. 

My job is to be a guide in this process and help pull out of you what you already know!! I get the honor of being a mirror reflecting back to you your greatness and strength. (Lucky me, right?!)

The best way to learn more about my process and ask questions is to schedule a free exploration call where we can talk about what's going on in your life right now and if we feel like working together is a good fit for both of us!

Adorable sarah.jpeg

Coaching with Angie is like a crash course in debunking bullshit & loving yourself EXACTLY as you are. 

I now have so much more awareness around the stories my brain is telling me have shortened the amount of time I feel ashamed. It's helped me to move on faster and recover from embarrassing things and challenges and be happier. It helps me experience more fun and joy and recognize that whatever is causing the shame is just a human experience and not unique to me.

Are you sick of spending your mental energy beating yourself up all the time?  Hire Angie. It’s one of the best investments in self-love you can ever make.

--Sarah Foster

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