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Welcome INFJ friends!!!

I am so excited to work with you and help hold you accountable to be your best self.

And a very special shout out to Sarah, INFJ woman, for sending you my way!! Remember, you get 15 dollars off your first month of Group Accountability and 50 dollars off One-on-One by filling out the forms below!

One-on-One Accountability
$500 per month

With my one-on-one accountability package, you get a once a week 30-minute video check-in to see how you are doing, reflect on what went well, and what needs improving. In addition to our weekly check-in call, we will come up with a system for me to spontaneously check in a few times throughout the week.  That could be through a google time tracking sheet, text, email, etc.  Depending on your needs and your goals, we will brainstorm what works best!! You can trust I'll be in touch--and you can always tell me to back off! I will also brainstorm and research resources that can help with whatever goal you are working on. We are in this together!  :)

What people are saying about Accountabilibuddy Services


I didn't want a life coach, I didn't want a therapist or a virtual assistant. I needed someone to help me sort through and brainstorm and accomplish a big collection of tiny and large personal goals. Sort of a personal projects manager.

Angie has been brilliant at this. She is very professional and well organised. She's full of good ideas but listens to what's most important to me and helps me figure out how best to make it come true--and then immediately on to the next item on the list so the progress continues. And she stays in touch with an encouraging word or a reminder at just the right time.

I'm getting things done that have been hanging over me for way too long and my days are more productive and relaxed than ever. I've got her to thank for that and I'm looking forward to more and more of this.

Reed Wade -- Wellington, New Zealand

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